Manufacture of Steel Structures

The experience and know-how acquired allow us to provide the best solutions in welding, cutting, drilling, shot blasting and painting, among others in the manufacture of all types of metal structures.

The extensive facilities - more than 30,000 m2 - facilitate the production of all types of metal structure projects, even facilitating the manufacture of several orders at the same time. We stand out for our production capacity, with significant facilities for dealing with complex orders.

We focus on offering the best steel structure service on the market

In addition, at RCM we continually invest in the best machinery. This means that we currently have the latest generation devices and systems, which provide the most innovative advances in the manufacture and execution of metal structures

What type of metal structures do we manufacture?

We manufacture to measure all the steel components which, once assembled and joined together, will form a complete metal structure. We use standard sections purchased from steel foundries or warehouses, as well as elements such as protective cladding and bolts from other specialist suppliers.

Although we manufacture a wide range of section shapes and sizes, we adapt the required section size according to the design agreed with the customer. For these cases, we manufacture bespoke sheet metal beams and sections suitably reinforced according to the load to be support

We master the most advanced techniques in the manufacture of steel structures.

Within the manufacturing process of metal structures, Ruiz Cm has all the necessary machinery for cutting and perforating steel:

Circular saws
Gas or flame cutting systems
Plasma cutting systems
Machinery for drilling and punching.

In our facilities, we also have a bending section that allows us to give the required shape and curvature according to design to any section, beam, plate or column.Within this facet we master the bending of sections, plates, tubes and of course press breaking.

The welding process is also a major part of our manufacturing process of metal structures. We have extensive experience and expertise in this area, as it could not be otherwise. This essential activity is used to prepare the joints for connection on site and for fixing other devices and accessories. We use different welding techniques for different activities within the factory, for example:

Manual metal arc welding (MMA)
Active gas welding (MAG)
Submerged Arc Welding (SAW)

Our joint welding process is verified with NDT tests to ensure that the work is finished properly and that the work is free of cracks, inclusions and other defects.

To finish the work, we also have a coating process for each of the sections and parts required for the final assembly of the structure. Paint coating systems are generally applied in the factory to reduce on-site activity times and achieve significant cost savings as well as providing protection against corrosion and greater fire resistance in the case of intumescent coatings.

Advantages of having Ruiz CM

1. Spacious and well-equipped facilities

We have modern production facilities and equipment specialised in the manufacture of steel structures that allow us to guarantee superior precision work. Therefore, we produce and assemble steel structures of various shapes and sizes, as required by our customers. The ample space of 30,000 m2 together with the machinery and gantries with cranes allow us to handle structural elements and sections of up to XX tons

2. Manufacture of Custom Steel Structures

The in-house production of steel structures is the key to our differentiated offer. Planning and innovations from the design side are possible thanks to the quality of our manufacturing machinery, certified production control with qualified personnel and state-of-the-art facilities that meet the highest demands.

3. Experienced Professional Team

We can guarantee that your project is in the best hands thanks to our team of professionals with extensive experience in all kinds of situations and projects. We specialise in the field of steel construction and are familiar with the construction methods, building codes and design tools necessary to tackle any steel structure fabrication project.

4. Compliance with Current Standards

All our manufacturing processes, design and installations comply with current production and safety standards in order to offer the maximum guarantees required by regulators. In this way, we have the CE Marking for Metal Structures (according to the UNE-EN-1090 standard) for the manufacture of all our structures, being able to execute even those of the highest range with execution class 4 (EXC4) certified by BUREAU VERITAS, among others.

5. Fast and on-time construction

The integration of design, manufacture and assembly of steel structures allows us to offer record construction times. Before starting production, our engineers prepare and plan all the details to avoid the slightest error. In this way, we achieve an integrated effort that allows us to have the necessary parts and sections error-free and ready for assembly quickly and smoothly after passing through our production lines.


6. True CAD/CAM environment

Our design system is connected by command with the numerical control machinery creating a precision CAD/CAM environment. In this way all computer generated drawings are transferred directly to the production machinery reducing manufacturing errors to a minimum and dramatically increasing quality and execution levels.

We manufacture all types of structural steel elements.

Our knowledge and production technology allows us to tackle all types of steel structures:

Structures for industrial warehouses, buildings, shopping centres and sports facilities.
Complex welded beams, trusses, columns, etc.
Structures for bridge spans
Structures for crane runways and monorail structures
Cantilevered walkways
Metal structures for stairways, landings, including with grating covers, handrails
Supporting structures for technological equipment and pipelines,
Metal structures for non-standard equipment
Metal structures for conveyors
Overpasses and galleries

Why Choose Ruiz CM to Manufacture your Metal Structures?

We have developed manufacturing processes that guarantee a high quality result and a high level of productivity while eliminating maintenance and repair costs. Thanks to our project management techniques we can tackle the fabrication of any type of project whether it is large, small or complex from a technical point of view.

All this thanks to more than 60 years of accumulated experience, highly qualified personnel, modern specialised equipment and high quality certified materials, reasons that support Ruiz CM to undertake the manufacture of any type of metal structure.

Our privileged facilities of more than 30,000 m2, equipped with machines for cutting, bending and welding metal; presses, milling machines, lathes and welding equipment together with cranes and the necessary human team, allow us to manufacture large welded beams: up to 30 m in height and 120 metres in length.

In addition, we have sufficient space to manage production and store in our facilities, until the moment of assembly, all the sections of large finished metal structures.

Whatever the conditions, we guarantee superior manufacturing quality at all times.