Winery expansion

Any project for the expansion of industrial facilities is a challenge for the owners of the plant. especially in production activities related to food or human consumption.

At Ruiz CM, we have a long tradition and experience in the construction and expansion of warehouses. Few companies have the advantage of having two independent manufacturing centres: one for stainless steel tanks for wine and the other for metal structures.

We solve the need for space and storage for your winery.

Thank to this, we are ready to carry out any type of winery work and then complete the equipment for wine production.

Latest Winery Construction and Expansion Projects

Advantages of working with Ruiz CM

Our clients count on us mainly for:

1. Quick delivery of turnkey projects

Our team takes care of all the necessary steps to complete your extension project: design, production and installation. All without the need to subcontract anything else. We have teams of engineers capable of designing the installations and equipment necessary to make your winery operational. At the same time we take care of the production and construction of all the components until the final delivery of the project and its maintenance if necessary.

2. Our own independent production plants

The companies of the Ruiz Group have independent production centres of around 30,000 square metres each. This allows us to simultaneously tackle any wine production project, as we are able to produce the wine tanks that your new space will need at the same time as we deliver the metal structures needed to build your new winery. Something that few manufacturers can offer.

3. Experts in Stainless Steel Tanks

We are specialists in the design, manufacture and installation of large wine tanks. All our tanks are custom designed and use food grade stainless steel for their manufacture. In this way we can guarantee that we will rationalise space, your construction process and delivery times to the maximum.

4. Short installation cycles

We carry out an industrial manufacturing process for all the structures and sections required to build an industrial building or extension of industrial facilities. This means that we have the machinery and equipment necessary to safely design and produce the different parts that will be needed to erect your new facilities for your warehouse in a short time. Including the necessary storage tanks.

Why hire Ruiz CM to build your metal walkways?

At Ruiz CM, we are specialists, along with other companies in the group, in the manufacture of metal structures and stainless steel tanks. This means a double advantage for you as a winemaker, as you will be able to contract both the extension of your facilities and the equipment of your winery from a single manufacturer with proven experience.

We have teams of engineers and independent production facilities with more than 30,000 m2 of floor space with several production lines, welding and welding equipment equipped with cranes to move large parts and sections. This allows us to tackle projects together regardless of size. In addition, we are able to manufacture the parts for the entire project from the beginning, starting from the design to the final installation and commissioning of the facilities thanks to our extensive experience in the wine sector.

For all this, we provide feasible solutions and anticipate problems, reducing execution times and costs.