Steel and metal warehouse construction

We design, manufacture and assemble customized steel warehouse and logistics warehouses to provide maximum freedom in the layout and configuration of your building.

Specialists in logistics warehouses and steel warehouses

Whether is a small warehouse or a complex logistics center with a surface area of 100,000m2, all our turnkey projects for logistics halls and warehouse can be adapted to the necessary requirements of the building and can therefore always be individually optimized for the customer.

Latest Steel Hall Construction Projects

Whether it is a bulk storage hall with wide spans or a high-bay warehouse, at Ruiz CM we can build a customised logistics building for you.

Characteristics of our Steel warehouses for logistic

Our logistics warehouses can be delivered with all the specifications and features tailored to the project.

Specifically, our industrial warehouses allow you to have:


Free spans of up to 180 m2 without intermediate pillars
Flexibility in the choice of building dimensions
Wide variety of roof and wall systems that provide the best performance
Choice of vehicle access door locations
Configuration of auxiliary spaces and mezzanines
Loading bays
Loading beams and loading bridges
High quality and modern design
Optimum thermal and acoustic insulation
Fixed deadline and budget
Design and manufacture of metallic elements using the latest technologies.

Advantages of the Steel Logistics Warehouse: What do we offer?


1.Experience and Market Knowledge

At Ruiz CM we have been building warehouses and logistics warehouses for our clients since the 1960s. We have designed, manufactured and assembled industrial facilities for hundreds of clients, in the last 60 years we have built more than 1,000 buildings as turnkey solutions throughout Europe

2.Customised Metal Warehouses and Logistics Warehouses

We offer the complete set of facilities for your tailor-made logistics warehouse. From planning and design, through the manufacture of primary and secondary structures, to efficient wall and roof systems and functional accessories - you get everything from a single source. A professional team of specialists works continuously to provide certified building solutions with international approvals.

3. Sustainable solutions

Our steel structures are developed in our manufacturing plants to better meet construction requirements with special attention to sustainability by reducing energy consumption, reducing failures and providing a highly recyclable material such as steel. This allows you to use our structures beyond the life of the warehouse.

4.Rapid Project Execution including Stainless Steel

With two in-house production facilities, one for steel structures and one for stainless steel work, we can turn your logistics warehouse into reality on time and on budget. We use a software-assisted design and production approach that fits perfectly with bespoke projects. Typically, design and production takes 10 to 12 weeks and construction takes 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the size and complexity of the project.

5. Structural Design and Calculation Service

We start your project with the design and calculation or recalculation of the structure for your logistics warehouse. This is how we can best plan the timing and work for the fabrication of the primary and auxiliary steel structures to build the necessary spaces and configurations for your warehouses.

6. Long-term perspective

Ruiz CM's innovative solutions help our clients to achieve highly durable warehousing and logistics distribution buildings with a long service life of each structural element of the building or group of buildings. This results in significant cost savings through increased efficiency. This is the core of our strategy.

Uses and Applications of Ruiz CM  Industrial Warehouses

The Ruiz CM warehouses and warehouses with metal structure can be configured to be used for various uses and applications such as:

Distribution warehouse
Logistics distribution centre
Logistics warehouses for cold storage
Bulk storage warehouses for chemical products
Port cargo warehouses
High-bay warehouse
High-bay logistics warehouse
Warehouse with offices
Auxiliary warehouse for raw materials

Why Choose Ruiz CM to Build Logistics Buildings?

At Ruiz CM we offer you speed of response and efficiency in the execution of customised designs with clean, open spans designed to maximise storage space and practically configure all the auxiliary spaces and secondary structures you need in your logistics distribution building.

All our metal logistics warehouses help our customers to keep their activity organised and efficient.

We work to combine the capacity of large halls with long portal frames and the economy of bar girders with the efficiency of rigid frame members. The result is a logistics and transport facility with wide open spaces at an affordable price.

But what really differentiates our offer is that while other companies offer standard metal building designs, at Ruiz CM we provide tailor-made solutions in record time and can incorporate stainless steel storage systems such as tanks, storage bins and silos. All this thanks to our two independent manufacturing centres.

In addition, we always respect local and European building codes. We are the answer for the construction of your steel logistics warehouses, warehouses, distribution centres or to extend the loading and unloading stations of your goods transport company or lorry terminal.