Assembly of Steel Structures

RCM´s steel structure erection team is made up of highly qualified technicians, trainded by the company itself, who have the maximum experiencia and expertise in this type of activity.

Our professionals are qualified to undertake any steel structure assembly job with the highest degree of satisfaction.

Professional erection of Steel Metal Structures

At each stage of the assembly process we control the strict compliance of each established safety measure, as well as the use of each of the individual and collective protection equipment, according to current regulations.

What types of metal structures do we assemble at Ruiz CM?

We assemble all types of steel structures. From steel structures for industrial buildings with large spans and open spaces to multi-storey buildings, footbridges, pavilions, hospitals or bridges.

All of them involve the use of land or mobile cranes and the movement and assembly of large metal sections and structures.

For this reason, we have a team specialised in all types of metal element joints and a design and manufacturing team that takes into account all the relative aspects that may affect the assembly of the metal structure on site. This involves studying and coordinating well with the developer the site for the construction and planning the assembly very well from the design phase in the factory to make it as simple and precise as possible when the time comes.

Advantages of the assembly of Steel Structures with Ruiz CM

High Tolerance Compliance

All of our steel structure erection projects have a high level of tolerance compliance. This is only possible thanks to the high precision developed by our industrial design team and an impeccable execution in the manufacturing and erection process of the steel structures.


Proficiency in all types of erection techniques (mobile and tower cranes)

We are proficient in the use of all types of lifting platforms and cranes used in the erection of steel structures for buildings and bridges. In general, cranes can be divided into two broad categories, mobile and non-mobile. In general, one or both categories can be used in the erection of steel structures. Thanks to our staff, you don't have to worry about the type of cranes used for construction, as we are proficient in both. Our team is all-rounders.

Bracing and welded joints

Our team has a perfect mastery of the assembly of both types of joints. Although we try to reduce the number of joints or connections that need to be welded due to their technical difficulty and high cost, this is not always possible. However, we achieve a good balance between the work of both types of joints thanks to the experience and know-how of all our technical staff.

Design with Buildability in mind

Our designers fully understand the impact of their decisions on the "buildability" of steel structures. That's why we use all our skills to complete a valid design so that the assembly process is safe, fast and as economical as possible, without losing sight of the technical and regulatory requirements of the structure. In this way, we are able to guarantee the success of the assembly process, which has a considerable influence on the constructability of the structure.

Good coordination with the construction site

Good site coordination will facilitate the smooth running of the project. The steelwork contractor needs adequate access for the transport, unloading and erection of steel, both on site and on surrounding or adjacent access roads. Flat, well-prepared ground that can support the required wheel loads is essential. Being ISO 45001 compliant helps to meet these requirements, thus reducing the risk of delays due to site conditions.

Why Choose Ruiz CM for the Design of Metal Structures

At Ruiz CM we start the assembly process long before the parts go into production at the factory. In fact, we can proudly say that the assembly process itself begins in the design phase.

The design of steel structures and planning is essential to ensure that the assembly of the steel components on site will have as few incidents as possible. For this reason, the Ruiz CM team studies all the variables taking into account the buildability of a structure.

To do this, we take into account several design factors in relation to the buildability of a building and these are:

  1. High standardisation of structural components in order to create standardised parts that facilitate connections.
  2. Achievable tolerances taken into account in design and manufacture by means of special controls.
  3. Choice of the type of connection between braced frames and continuous frames.
  4. Suitable floor systems for multi-storey buildings to facilitate the sequence of assembly.

By taking these four points into account and ensuring that the building site is in good condition, considerable cost and time savings can be made by providing a design that emphasises standardisation, minimises on-site welding work to join steel sections and ensures that the structure is assembled to the required tolerances to facilitate the subsequent construction of the building.

Once the steel structure has been assembled and erected, it can be handed over for work to be completed on the interior floors, the exterior cladding and the mechanical and electrical installations.

All these aspects are what we consider when assembling metal structures in Ruiz CM.