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Equipo profesional

Leaders in metal structures

We design, manufacture and assemble all types of metal structure solutions.

Customised solutions that adapt to the needs of our clients, exceeding their expectations and providing the best and most efficient solutions.

Experiencia certificada

More than six decades of experience

RCM has more than 60 years of experience designing all types of projects. For RCM every project is a challenge and our commitment and involvement is at its maximum.

Throughout our professional career, many clients have placed their trust in us. Our clients are our best guarantee that we are always committed to a job well done and excellence.

40 años de experiencia

Financial solvency

We provide our clients with all the necessary economic and financial data. RCM has an important financial solvency. All information in this respect is available to our clients with total transparency.

Precios competitivos

International prestige

Renowned and prestigious companies in the construction sector have opted for RCM. The safe bet in the metal structures sector. RCM with all the guarantees of belonging to a large group.

Ahorro energético

Exigency and confidence

We like challenges because they make the RCM team get the best out of itself. Our training, professionalism and experience mean that we demand maximum performance to carry out all kinds of projects. This is our best guarantee of confidence in our clients.

Calidad de vida

Extensive facilities

We have a surface area of more than 20,000 m². This ample space is specially designed for the execution and development of a large number of large-scale projects.

Especialistas en construcciones metálicas desde 1961

At Ruiz CM, we have a long history of involvement in the development of steel construction projects.

We have collaborated on hundreds of works with metal structures over the past decades. With almost 60 years in the metal construction sector, we have participated in the construction of buildings, bridges and other infrastructures with the guarantee of completing any project evaluated, designed and manufactured by our team on time.

Choosing Ruiz Construcciones Metálicas is to ensure that you have the right steelwork contractor for your project.

Reasons to trust Ruiz CM: what makes us different

We take a comprehensive approach to all projects, starting with...:

1. structural design, assessment and calculation 2. air and water quality assessment and calculation.

Our experience in structural steel design gives our clients a technical advantage in interpreting their project requirements. Our involvement at the design stage maximises engineering possibilities, ensures safety and reduces production times.

2. Construction site survey

Our site supervisors have decades of experience in site inspection, ensuring that accurate information is obtained to enable precise final adjustment and correct site preparation to facilitate final assembly. We use state of the art laser equipment to ensure the inspection process is quick and accurate, minimising disruption and delays to surrounding works.

3. In-house manufacturing

Manufacturing is at the heart of our business. We have the infrastructure and machinery to build any type of section or structure designed by our engineers. The integration of the design team with the fabrication team allows us to improve the production process and reduce delivery times. We have all the industry certifications and accreditations that allow us to be at the forefront of technology development and innovation in steel fabrication.

4. Supervision of quality and finish

Our approach to production is focused on production quality, the main objective being to ensure a long life for all the structural elements we manufacture and, above all, to facilitate on-site assembly to minimise delivery times. For this reason, we subject all our processes to traceability and examination by quality standards and auditors.

5. Logistics and our own fleet of trucks

We have our own fleet of vehicles operating nationwide to deliver sections to the promised location within the timeframe agreed with our clients. In this way we reduce the need to hire handling equipment on site and provide our own qualified drivers with extensive experience in loading and unloading steel.

6. On-site installation

In all our steel construction projects, we provide reliable installers who will be responsible for assembling all the steel parts to erect the steel structure ordered by our clients. We have experience of installing a wide variety of projects covering various sectors and projects.