Transport and Deployment of steel structures

We optimise processes and deadlines, and provide significant improvements in production costs. This deployment makes no sense without a service dedicated exclusively to facilitating the logistics process.


We have our own fleet of vehicles that provide all kinds of facilities.

RCM has its own fleet of vehicles that provide all kinds of facilities for the transport of all types of material, machinery and personnel required to the worksite.


Specialists in Logistics and Transport of Metal Structures

The tasks of handling and transport of metal structures are a critical part of any construction project that requires the adaptation of the manufacturer to the particular operations of this type of loads with large dimensions.

Fortunately, at Ruiz CM we have the experience, equipment and sufficient knowledge to manage each of the phases of the logistics process of metal structures with solvency.

We use in our facilities computer-controlled transport systems and gantry cranes that move on rails on the ground or on crane beams fixed to the steel structure of the factory to move the loads inside the factory.

We also have our own fleet for special road transport of gantries and steel sections to the construction site for erection.

Advantages of structural steel design

1.Own fleet for the transport of steel structures.

We have our own fleet of vehicles and trailers ready to deal with the transport and logistics of any steel member or section produced in our factory, no matter how large or heavy. This greatly facilitates transport times as it is not necessary to subcontract trailers, lorries or personnel to carry out shipments, which considerably reduces management and execution times.

2. Regulations and appropriate equipment

To transport an oversized load, you need the right truck, trailer, permits, drivers, route planning and much more. The steps to obtain the correct permits, planning the route in advance, preparing the trucks and having the right drivers are essential elements that we at Ruiz CM always keep in mind to avoid unnecessary risks that may prevent the shipment of oversized loads.

3. Experienced Staff and Drivers

The experience of our team allows us to always deliver at the point of assembly and plan the details of the route to reach the destination point smoothly by taking care of everything from start to finish: paperwork, permits and route planning. We work with specialised drivers who have the necessary experience to transport steel structures safely and securely.

4. Safe and reliable transportation of steel structures

At Ruiz CM we understand how vital the condition of the cargo delivered is, which is why we offer a fully insured service so that our clients can have complete peace of mind. If you are looking to keep your transport costs down while still receiving a fantastic service, you can count on us.

We transport all types of steel structural elements

Because of these special requirements, shipping large structural parts is complex and difficult. However, at Ruiz CM, we are experienced in planning and delivering oversized cargo shipments due to our activity.

Thanks to our knowledge and extensive experience, we can expertly plan and coordinate the shipment of any oversized freight. Our professional drivers will safely complete your delivery in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Why Choose Ruiz CM for Metal Structures Design

Transporting oversized cargo has its complexities, but all of our clients can rest assured that their project's steel sections and structures will be handled with care and that we will complete the transport service in a professional and timely manner.

Because we have years of experience in transporting large and heavy steel structures, we can handle the entire process and eliminate any inconvenience to the client.

In addition, our professional drivers are experienced in performing transportation services for a variety of types of equipment or cargo, and we understand all the necessary regulations and special precautions involved in handling oversized cargo shipments.

Therefore, you are in the best hands to transport your metal structures to ensure that your shipment reaches its destination quickly, carefully and cost-effectively.