Steel industrial buildings construction

If you want to start building a metal industrial building, there is no better option than steel structures.

Industrial buildings and manufacturing facilities have always benefited from the advantages of metal structures

Steek and metal buildings offer a wide variety of designs and large spans to satisfy any requirement of this type of facility, including industrial buildings with crane

Latest Projects for the Construction of Industrial Steel Warehouses

What type of industrial building we manufacture

We design, manufacture and erect a wide range of industrial buildings for factories, manufacturing facilities, offices and commercial units. From small commercial steel industrial units to large buildings, we are sure to have a solution for your project. Our services range from design to construction of specialised buildings for every type of manufacturing plant including ancillary space for offices, warehousing, loading bays etc. ....

All our steel industrial buildings are custom fabricated and installed to the highest building code standards. So whether you need an additional extension for your production facility, logistics building, garden centre or any type of specialised industrial building, we can help.


Spacious, open-plan, light-filled spaces
Buildings to cover a wide range of uses
Flexible internal layouts
Pillars and beams with localised joints at the eaves to minimise beam section size
Apexes to accommodate connection between beams
Customised bespoke space design
Metal cladding and a deck that can accommodate different cladding materials when required
Use of braced or welded connections

Benefits of Steel Industrial Buildings What do we offer?

The benefits of using steel structures in the construction of industrial buildings are unquestionable. Among several of them, the following stand out:

1. Shorter construction time:

The construction cycle of steel buildings is reduced. Our steel structures can be erected quickly and efficiently using the best quality materials in the steel construction industry. We have an estimated construction time of 8 weeks for a small to medium sized industrial building (up to 10,000 sqm), extending to 10-12 weeks on larger projects. These lead times can often be improved, if required on individual projects.

2. High Flexibility and Adaptability:

LThe large spans and minimal use of internal columns achieved with steel construction offer great flexibility for the building to adapt to changing form. Therefore, the possibility of extending the structure in the future can be incorporated into the original design and construction details. The external envelope can be renovated, upgraded or modified. Future owners with different requirements can easily adapt a steel building to their needs.

3. Efficient design

Steel allows for large spans with relatively small construction depths. The typical construction solution of an insulated external envelope supported by secondary steel elements is a well-developed solution, optimised over many years, resulting in a structurally efficient and cost-effective solution. In addition, the software design process and the calculations obtained in the design of steel structures are very close to the actual behaviour of the structure once it is built. This saves a lot of costs during construction and erection.

4. Durability

Steel framed industrial buildings offer the most durable option, capable of withstanding the most adverse weather conditions and providing a hard-wearing solution. All our metal industrial buildings are designed to withstand strong storms and winds, and are well suited to commercial, industrial and agricultural locations.

5. Sustainability

El acero puede reciclarse varias veces sin perder calidad ni resistencia. Los componentes de acero de los edificios se fabrican en condiciones controladas en fábrica, con un mínimo de residuos (los recortes se reciclan como chatarra). Como la actividad de la obra es principalmente de montaje, rara vez hay residuos en la obra.

6. Value for money

Steel structures, especially the relatively simple ones commonly used in single-storey buildings, can be easily dismantled. Steel elements can be reused in other structures: portal frames and similar structures are often dismantled and used elsewhere. Recycling and reuse are key features that reduce the costs of this type of building as they have a high residual value.

Use of Talleres Ruiz Steel Industrial Buildings

Any of our steel industrial buildings can be used or designed for different uses: workshops, factories, industrial and distribution warehouses, as well as for retail and leisure. Colloquially referred to as "sheds", they range in size from small workshops of just a few hundred square metres to huge distribution warehouses of over a hundred thousand square metres.

Why Choose Ruiz CM to Build Industrial Metal Warehouses?

We have over 60 years of experience building all types of steel industrial buildings. Our extensive knowledge in the design and manufacture of industrial buildings guarantees our work together with our privileged facilities with more than 30,000 sqm in which we have cranes and machinery specialised in the cutting and welding of metal sheets.

This allows us to have an unparalleled advantage to offer any type of quality metal structure at a competitive price for the construction of your industrial building.

We are able to offer the most efficient structural solution, whether it is a portal frame, a lattice structure or a cable-stayed roof. Whatever it takes to provide the space needed for your industrial facility to support any combination of cranes and equipment.

If you are looking for a metal industrial building, you need the experience of Ruiz CM. Let us help you plan your industrial construction project today.