Steel Structure Design

At RuizCM, we have our own Technical Engineering Department made up of people of excellent and recognised professional and human quality, specialists in the design of steel structures.

Our commitment is to design the best technical solution for each project, offering personalised advice to each client at all stages of the process, as well as a detailed after-sales follow-up.

We design the optimum steel structure for each project.

We have mastered the most innovative and avant-garde design programs in the sector; advances calculation systems and 3D designs; to which we can add the continuous learning and global experience of the company over more than 60 years.

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What types of Steel Structures do we design at Ruiz CM?

We design all types of steel structures. No matter what type of building you are going to build, whether it is a single-storey or a multi-storey building, we adapt the design of our steel structures to what you need.

We have experience in the design of trussed, laminated, vaulted, suspended and triangular steel structures.

We use the most advanced software and systems to always comply with current building codes and standards. In this way, we are able to tackle any building project from scratch or recalculate key parts to create a 100% optimised design.

In addition, we take into account the relationship between the different parts involved in the construction, such as the design of structural elements::

Beams and columns according to length
Floor slab systems
Integration of services
Types of connections and joints
Braced frames
Continuous portal frames and trusses
Simple connections
Moment resisting connections
Mixed construction
Facades and interfaces

As you can see, we study and calculate in detail all the implications of each element in the final design of the project

Specialists in all types of methods for the design of steel structures

Depending on the characteristics of the project, we are prepared to use the optimum steel structure design method for each case.

Specifically, we use:

Simple design structure:

This is the most basic and traditional design of steel structures and the one usually used by companies. This type of design is the best when it comes to resisting lateral loads. Some bracing is used to provide additional stability and protection against sway. Concrete cores can be added for multi-storey buildings.

Continuous Design Structures:

In this type of design, the joints are made more rigid so that there is a transfer of moment balance to the members. Frame actions, such as columns and beam bends, provide stability to the frame and protection against sway. In this type of design, computer programs and software are often used to establish the design because it is usually more complex.

Semi-continuous design of steel structures:

This is the most complex type of design because there is a more realistic representation of the response of the joints of the structure. It requires advanced computer programmes to determine the behaviour of the connections.

Advantages of steel structural design

Steel solutions are lighter than their concrete counterparts, with the potential to provide more column-free flexible floor space, fewer foundations and a fast and safe construction time.

For the designer, a steel solution means reliable materials, guaranteed material and section properties, accurate off-site fabrication and extensive support including software, design guides and easy-to-use strength tables.

All this greatly facilitates the calculation and design of the entire structure, as the results obtained in the simulations behave very similarly in reality. In this way, the strength, stress and force design calculations are a guarantee of construction reliability, since the homogeneous behaviour of steel structures is much easier to predict.

We design all types of steel structural elements

Main structural types in steel:

Long beams and columns for load-bearing structures
Grid structures: lattice or dome structures
Floor slab systems
Prestressed structures
Facades and interfaces
Lattice structures: Bars and trusses
Arch structures
Cable-stayed structures
Hanging Structures
Braced portal frames, Continuous portal frames, Simple connections, Moment resisting connections, Steel construction products
Mixed Construction

Why Choose Ruiz CM for the Design of Steel Structures

The structural design process at Ruiz CM always starts from an architectural design to develop from there a conceptual design, the analysis of the steel structure and the verification of the structural elements: beams and columns.

In the case of simple and common structures, we create a conceptual design directly from the architectural design, as the common solutions are well known.

For more complex structures or innovative designs, we develop the structural concept together with the architectural scheme, so that an efficient and appropriate solution can be provided based on calculations supported by analysis software that develops the virtual model.

Once the conceptual design is established, we complete the structural design, which involves the determination of the loads, the analysis of the structure and the verification of the elements.

In order to find the optimum structural design, we always pay attention to:

  1. Fulfilment of the client's requirements
  2. Regulations and technical requirements of the building code or Eurocode.
  3. Selection of the appropriate structural forms for the project.


Compliance with the client's requirements, planning and building regulations is of paramount importance, which is why the selection of structural shapes must comply with them and are always evaluated in terms of the advantages they bring to the project as a whole.

In general, we use computer-based elastic and plastic analysis calculations only for the design of frames and structures in complex systems. Although manual methods of analysis can be used, we use computer programmes for most of our designs of steel structures.

This is how we ensure the quality and workmanship of all our projects.