Custom Metal Walkways

Specialists in the construction of metal footbridges for indoor and outdoor infrastructures.

We adapt to the measurements and structural designs to meet the specific needs of each project and its spatial restrictions. It doesn't matter if you need a footbridge to connect spaces inside a building or outside.

Specialists in the construction of footbridges for indoor and outdoor infrastructures.

We have an integrated design and fabrication process to deliver your metal catwalk on time and on budget. At Ruiz CM, we offer short lead times, competitive pricing and technical expertise at all stages of the project.

All of our metal walkways and bridges are custom designed to suit our customers' application and specifications. In short, we manufacture steel bridges and footbridges for any type of space and infrastructure.

Latest Steel Walkway Construction Projects

Here are some examples of steel footbridges built in our workshops:

Characteristics of our metal footbridges

In all our metal walkways you can configure and choose between:

Types of metal structure or truss: tube bridge, with cables, arched truss, long arm, beams, Warren truss, b truss, etc.
Structural materials: steel or stainless steel
Railing and handrail styles: mesh, lattice, steel cable, vertical tubes etc.
Decking materials: steel gratings, wood, concrete, cement, concrete
Accessories: Ramps, stairs, handrails, power feet, lighting, fence enclosures, cladding and tower brackets.

Advantages of Metal Walkways and Bridges What do we offer?

1. Integrated design, manufacture and assembly

We are a perfectly integrated company. We work hand in hand with our customers to ensure that each walkway or bridge is well designed and meets all of our customers' requirements. The design team considers how and where the footbridge will be used to advise on appropriate materials and configurations from the outset. From the project specifications and discussions with the client's team, a unique walkway emerges.

2. Prefabricated steel sections and structures

The fabrication of the parts in our factory has many advantages. The construction of the footbridge is done in specific sections reducing the need for complex and costly planning at the construction site. By having a controlled environment, we are able to work on multiple aspects of a walkway simultaneously. This saves construction time by having all the parts required for the construction of the walkway from the outset, eliminating waiting and downtime.

3. Increased safety

By using the prefabrication of metal parts and sections in a controlled environment, the work is safer for the employees. The industrial processes applied to construction make this activity faster and focused solely on installation, so that the assembly teams spend less time on site and are therefore less exposed to accidents and injuries. In addition, our production process has a positive impact on the environment by limiting pollution and potential contamination caused by larger construction projects.

4. Quick and Easy Installation

Our installation process is quick and hassle-free. Building each walkway in prefabricated sections in our 30,000+ square metre workshop saves time by reducing the on-site construction period and avoiding unforeseen delays. In addition, by working on the project from design, our team of specialists are already familiar with the particular characteristics of the project, which significantly reduces any issues during installation.

Uses of Ruiz CM's Metal Walkways

We adapt our walkways so that they can be used as:

Pedestrian walkways
Industrial bridges
Pipe racks
Bridges for footpaths
Industrial walkways between silos
Connections between silos
Steel bridges

We have experience in the manufacture of any type of walkway or bridge to bridge access to the exterior or interior of your facilities.

Why hire Ruiz CM to build your metal walkways?

At Ruiz CM, we offer short lead times, on-budget pricing and turnkey delivery. Our metal bridges and walkways are custom designed to fit the application and specifications of our clients. Parks, walkways, marine applications or industrial access, we manufacture walkways for any indoor or outdoor site or location.

We are a fully integrated engineering and construction company, working with our clients to ensure that each bridge is well designed and aesthetically pleasing. Our engineers and technical team work hand in hand with our clients to complete their project. We take into account both how and where a bridge will be used to advise on the materials and configurations that would be appropriate.

Thanks to our facilities and technical team, we are able to manufacture all the sections, structures and modules required to build and assemble the footbridge or bridge on site.