Sports centers construction

Ruiz CM Sports Centers offer design flexibillity, great natural light and cost-effective, open-plan space for a wide variety of activities.

We are leaders in the construction of turnkey steel sports complexes.

We build the indoor sports facilities to the specific requirements of your project, adapting it to the dimensions needed to house the space for the main sporting activity, as well as incorporating all the auxiliary spaces needed for changing rooms, offices and cafeterias or even stands for the public.

From the beginning, we take care of everything you need: design, manufacture of structures and assembly. From start to finish, we deliver the building or set of buildings that you sports facilities need, as long as they are made of steel.

Latest Sports Centers Construction Projects by Intranox

Here we leave you multifunctional sports pavilions or for specific sports practice:

Characteristics of our Sports Pavilions

The size of each facility will depend on the size of the sports hall and the scope of other activities that form part of the facility. For example, sports halls can be combined with swimming pools, tennis courts, handball courts etc. as part of a larger sports and leisure facility.

Therefore, each project for the construction of sports halls has its own requirements, depending on the facilities to be housed.

However, any free-standing sports hall should include:

Foyer and reception area
Changing rooms and toilets
Disabled facilities
office space
Integral equipment storage
Bleachers with seating
First aid facilities
Machine room
Housekeeping storage.

This list is often extended to include: crèche, meeting room, studio, fitness and exercise areas, multi-purpose secondary room, staff room, physiotherapy treatment room, lounge, outdoor play area etc... Whatever is required.

Advantages of Metal Sports Buildings What do we offer?

1. Experience and Market Knowledge

Our ability to construct sports buildings is backed by our proven track record. Over the years, we have worked on a variety of projects, from tennis and paddle tennis halls to basketball courts and sports centres for universities, schools and private investors. We have experience in the construction of any type of training facilities covered in steel.

2. We build extensive column-free designs

Permanent sports and leisure facilities often require large-scale structures that also involve the challenge of designing and constructing spaces with almost no interior columns. This is where our building systems excel, providing a steel frame structure that requires less pillar and post support. Our design team will help you choose the ideal solution for even the most demanding sports construction projects.

3. Reduced time on site

As a manufacturer of steel structures and with an engineering team for the calculation, we have a consolidated supply chain. In this way, we are able to guarantee the construction of sports halls in quick times because all the trades and stages of construction are 100% integrated in our value chain. In this way we can accelerate the construction of your sports facilities.

4. Customisable features

Our buildings can accommodate all types of doors, ventilation and equipment to safely support a wide variety of field and court sports such as football, basketball, badminton, rugby, volleyball, gymnastics, martial arts and table tennis.

5. Multiple or Specific Uses

Our indoor sports facilities can be designed to function as one large playing area for specific sports such as football, tennis, equestrian etc... or subdivided into smaller areas for different sports and training. Sports surfaces can be divided using movable rebound walls, nets or more permanent dividers.

6. Pavilions built to last

The metal structures used, as well as the high quality cladding materials and steel structures welded and galvanised after production, provide durability over time for your facility, which makes the maintenance cost of sports buildings economical compared to conventional structures.

Uses of Ruiz CM Sports Buildings.

All our sports buildings can be designed with a multifunctional purpose or for specific sports practice. For this we have specialised designs for:

Tennis pavilions
Indoor ice rinks
Equestrian pavilion
Multifunctional building
Indoor swimming pool hall
Football pavilion
Indoor sports hall for indoor activities

Why Choose Ruiz CM to Build Sports Pavilions

Sports buildings place special stresses and demands on the design and construction of a large span space involving the use of wide or vaulted roofs, which increases the importance of using a reliable company with proven experience.

Without professional design and construction support, your new sports facility can become a costly distraction.

At Ruiz CM, we have extensive experience in the design and construction of all types of sports facilities, from tennis courts and basketball courts to large sports centres and pavilions for the practice of a multitude of sports activities.

We provide solutions for the construction of sports pavilions that include:

Indoor play areas
Leisure centres
Sports pavilions
Indoor football training facilities
Squash courts
Swimming pool buildings
Tennis courts
Volleyball courts
Football pitches

Thanks to our combined knowledge and experience in steel-framed buildings and metal roofs, we offer proven construction solutions that are perfectly adapted to sports structures.