Metal Roofing for buildings

A metal roof is a building component that requires appropriate design, specification and detailing to fulfil the primary function for which it is intended: to withstand the elements and keep the interior insulated from the exterior.

To do this, it is imperative that the professional has a good understanding of how all the individual parts are involved and how the different elements interact together to give the building the full benefits of a metal roof.

Specialist in the construction of metal roof installations on buildings

Therefore, any company installing such a roof must be familiar with all the features of a metal roofing system in order to provide a professional and accurate finish to this essential part of any building.

Latest Metal Roofing Construction Projects

Here are some examples of the latest metal roofs installed by Ruiz Cm:

Characteristics of our metal roofs

All our metal roofs stand out for being:

Individual custom designs
Complying with building regulations according to the construction site
Employ steel structures for support
Include the minimum slope required depending on location
Adapt to the required framework or structur

Advantages of Ruiz CM's Metal Roofs

1. High degree of experience

We have extensive experience in the design, manufacture and assembly of metal structures and roofs for all types of buildings. No matter what you need. Whether you are looking for a metal roof for a single-storey industrial building or for a pavilion or a house, we can carry out the project. For this we have a team of designers made up of the best engineers and equipped with the latest programmes and software.

2. We build Custom Metal Roofs

If you wish to incorporate a metal roof or dome to your building to accommodate certain aesthetic characteristics or if you are looking for a practical and functional design to complete your building, at Ruiz Cm we use the most advanced design and manufacturing technology to make your most innovative ideas a reality with the guarantee that it can be carried out. Metal roofs can easily adopt all kinds of shapes and curves which gives you more design options for your building.

3. Metal as a green building option

Industrial designs often incorporate green building principles into their project. Due to the recycled content, metal offers a wonderful material choice as a building product. Bridger Steel metal is 100% recyclable, and a number of our colours qualify as Cool Roof colours. Metal offers a durable option for adding solar panels or creating a rainwater harvesting solution for the building. The sustainability factor of metal often goes hand in hand with an industrial metal design.

4. High durability

Our steel roofs are a long-term solution. Metal roofs are undoubtedly the ideal solution for commercial and industrial buildings. They can serve their purpose for decades and still require a minimum of repairs. If metal roofs are regularly inspected by commercial roofing specialists, there is most likely no need to resort to an alternative solution.

5. Lightweight and Aesthetic Solutions

Increasingly, the industrial style is becoming more and more popular. Having a visible metal structure inside a facility not only offers a good solution from an aesthetic point of view but also from a technical point of view. Our steel metal roofs are lightweight and therefore do not require any additional material support as is the case with roof tiles. They can be adapted for all types of industrial or commercial buildings as they offer high strength, but at a much lower weight per square metre.

6. Reduced long-term costs

The cost of a metal roof is slightly higher than alternatives such as asphalt or concrete. However, the durability of a metal roof is much higher than other alternatives and requires fewer repairs, offering a long product life. In addition, easy installation with braced or welded joints helps to reduce construction times and minimise margins for error.

Types of Steel Roofs manufactured by Ruiz CM

We design, build and manufacture all types of metal roofs. We use different types of steel structures to support the metal roofs to cover your building as required by the project. Generally, our metal roofs are supported on three types of structures: steel beam structure, lattice structure and grid structure.

We are capable of working with and designing any of these.

Why Choose Ruiz CM to Build the Metal Roof for Your Building

The structure of a roof is the raison d'être of its durability, strength and ultimately its long term aesthetics.

Although many roofs are now enclosed with pur/pir composite panels that will not warp, splinter or permeabilise, the frames, beams and profiles on which they are supported are steel, if they are to last and endure.

Structural steel to configure the frames of your metal roof is essential to ensure good long-term finishes and reduced maintenance costs over the life of the building.

The incorporation of steel frames in construction will ensure that the substructure of your roof will last as long as the roofing material and who better than Ruiz CM to design, manufacture and install them in your building.